The Golden Halo Awards Winners - 2015

Mini Film
Winner Golden Halo: Kaanike by Devavratha Kalkura
Second place: Final Take off by Mohit Velani
Anokhee by Maaz Kazmi
Bibhu Sharma's Story by Bappaditya Roy
I am the Transcender by Nicola D'Souza
Winner : Not Anymore by Matthew VanDyke (USA)
Second Place : Miedo by Carlos De Antonio (Spain)
Jury Mention : Shubam by Jeen Gadhi
Don Miguel by Kote Camacho (Spain)
Lala Y lola by Judith Hidalgo (Spain)

Winner : Ettukali by Prince V Joy
Second place : Nimisham by Lijo Puthenkulam
Chaver by Abhilash Vijayan
Sparsham by Anish Cherian
Winner : Quissa E Parsi by Divya Cowasji & Shilpa Gulati
Second Place: Mardistan by Harjant Gill
Jury Mention: Jagriti Express by Samina Mishra
My Sacred Glass Bowl by Priya Thuvassery
Film Makers

Winner: 5 o' clock Accidents by Ruchir Arun
Second Place: Aai by Aroop Dwivedi
Jury Mention: Munnamidam (Third Space) by Antony Sony
Ambulance by Alexander P J
Rage by S Ashish Balraj Sharma

Schedule 20th February

20 Feb 2015 - Programme
08:55 - 09:07

SHOWCASE – Clean Toilets, Clean India by Rotary Club of Pondicherry

12:00 min
09:08 - 09:15

SHOWCASE – Road Trip To Hell

A Anti- drug addiction Film by Bodhini Directed by Shyamaprasad

7:00 min
09:16 - 09:24

SHOWCASE – Online Predators

A Film on Internet safety by Bodhini Directed by Shyamaprasad

8:00 min
09:27 - 09:30 Announcements  
Category - Film Makers (Competitive)
09:30 - 09:43 Left and Right - Chaitra Yadavar

Avani is a 9 year old curious and bubbly girl. One day her Grandfather explains to her that right hand is stronger and more capable than the left hand. Avani is not convinced and is confused about its implications. She takes it up as a challenge and proves her Grandfather wrong. With this simple story the film insists on 'Woman Empowerment'

12:20 min
09:44 - 9:54 Appunte Lokam (Appu's World)Roshni Rose

The film depicts the affection of a boy to nature as well as to the fellow beings.

10 min
9:55 - 10:13 Ambulance Alexander PJ

A story of woman travelling in an ambulance along with her husband's corpse.

18 min
10:15 - 10:40 INAUGURATION 25 min
10:41 - 10:55 Tea Break  
10:58 - 11:16 Munnamidam (Third Space) Antony Sony

When a man and woman in love comes together for the first time what will be they talking about. MOONNAMIDAM explores those ten minutes of conversation between two strangers in love who meets for the first time in a room as the name indicates ,there is always a third space for every human being . A part from his routine life of profession and family, every person finds a resort on a private space which he allows no one to intrude .The story talks about life and feeling of a woman through intense love and romance. Though the film speaks about the conflict of the characteristics and traits of how both men and women treat love concludes on a statement where a woman discovers her greatest strength.

17:15 min
11:17 - 11:30 Rage S Ashish Balraj Sharma

The film is based on the topic of rage behaviour of youth on the road and the medical disorder which leads to it.

12:15 min
11:31 - 11:52 Pradhanavarthakal Orikkal Koodi (The Headlines Once More) Unnikannan P V

This film depicts the emotions and frustrations of the middle class family life. The film tells us about the interference of media to a nuclear family and what happens to their relationship.

20:25 min
11:53 - 12:02 5 o' clock AccidentsRuchir Arun

The film 5 o'clock accidents is a story set in a typical nuclear family setup with two parents and an only child, Appu. As the film begins, we see Appu falling prey to a number of seemingly random accidents, each one at 5o'clock.

09:00 min
12:03 - 12:07 Chakravyuh (The Vicious Circle)Dhvani Desai

The film has been inspired from the filmmaker's own personal experiences to fight corruption through usage of Right to Information (RTI). It illustrates the petty struggles of four characters taken from true life stories. All unrelated with each other but surprisingly have the same solution.

03:30 min
12:08 - 12:20 Ek Tohfa (A Parting Gift)Gauri Warudi

Ek Tohfa is a short fiction film based on a short story by Vikram Karve. The film deals with the predicament of children of divorcing parents.

11:30 min
12:21 - 12:36 AaiAroop Dwivedi

Aai is a story of a single mother watching her child grow up and leave and it takes us through the mothers life as she experiences the loneliness at old age..a social issue which can even resonate with the first world countries.

14:15 min
12:37 - 12:53 Unfriend Lijin Jose

Unfriend tells the story of two kids Aravind and Aishu. It shows how they are victimized and lose the purity of their childhood despite being innocent and unaware of the vices surrounding them.

16:00 min
12:54 -13:30 Lunch (Bodhini Films last 15 min)  
13:30-14:15 Jury Interaction with Press and Audience  
Category - Documentaries
14:16 - 14:38 Hridayam Kondu Kanunnavar (Those who see with the Heart) - Santosh Kottukal

Documentry on Blind to encourage eye donation

22 min
14:39 - 15:09 Qissa E ParsiDivya Cowasji and Shilpi Gulati

The Film explores the history of the Parsi community, its relationship to the Indian state and association with the city of Mumbai. It strives to understand the Zoroastrian faith, the philosophy to live, laugh and love that is the backbone of the Parsi way of life and what makes it so endearingly unique and beloved. As the community is plagued with anxieties over its dwindling numbers, the Film looks at current debates on issues of inter-faith marriage. It is an attempt to understand a community that has always been numerically small, yet, culturally and socially formidable.

30 min
15:10 - 15:27 Hope Kaleidoscope Ann Kurian

The film revolves around the lives of HIV+ children who have dreams just like regular kids. For no fault of their own, they suffer from social stigma, rejection and the fear of impending death. Only a few people, who overcame their fear, genuinely care for them. This is the story of their journey.

16:10 min
15:28 - 15:57 My Sacred Glass BowlPriya Thuvassery

The very first is often accorded a larger than life proportion on many fronts; and so is a woman's sexual experience. 'My Sacred Glass Bowl' looks at the concept of virginity as it is perceived by contrasting communities, from the vantage point of the filmmaker, sandwiched between two mothers bringing up their daughters in contemporary times. Virginity is premarital chastity and within the power equations with regard to men, like the expected post marital chastity, fidelity. It thus forms the first part of a woman's life. The film is a document of how women made their sexual choices in the generation that just passed by.

28:30 min

Tea Break

16:11 - 16:41 Mardistan Harjant Gill

Through the experiences of four different men, ranging in age from 20s to 40s, Mardistan explores the notion of contemporary manhood in a rapidly globalising India. A middle-aged writer attempting to make sense of the physical and sexual abuse he witnessed growing up in an elite military academy, a working class father of twin daughters resisting the pressure to have a son, a young college student searching for a girlfriend with whom he can lose his virginity, a middle-aged gay man deciding to come out to his wife after nearly 20 years of marriage, together make up different dimensions of what it means to be a man in India today.

29:15 min
16:42 - 17:11 Jagriti ExpressSamina Mishra

15 days. 8000 kms. 450 young people. 1 train. A trainload of enthusiastic adventurers sets out on a journey across India in an attempt to understand India's diversity, its problems and the possible solutions. As they live on the train for 15 days, they encounter not just changing landscapes but also the diversity among themselves. Jagriti Express is a travelogue of India's youth - watch them learn to manage with limited space and resources, see them explore projects like Aravind Eye Hospital and Gram Vikas and listen as they soak up myriad ideas from innovators like Joe Madiath and R Elango. Will this journey of a lifetime make a difference to the India of the future?

29:00 min
Schedule 21st February

21 Feb 2015 – Programme
08:28 - 09:00

SHOWCASE – ICU by Anoop Sathyan

A unique experiment rides the waves of the Brahmaputra river in Assam, where a major innovative health campaign reaches some of the most marginalised and poorest communities in India who live on 100s of Islands, inaccessible and isolated. There are no roads here, but today, over a dozen boat clinics conceived and developed by the Centre for North East studies and Policy Research, and manned by doctors, nurses, labtechnicians and pharmacists reach more than a million people. In partnership with the National Rural Health Mission of Assam, in tough terrain, rough weather and choppy waters, the teams struggle to bring communities from margins of despair to embrace hope.

32:00 min
Category - Students
09:00 - 09:12 Ettukali (Spider)- Prince V Joy

Ettukaali {Humanity dies} is a social relevant short film. which also deals with certain contemporary issues of our present day society.

12:03 Min
09:13 - 09:39

Chaver - Abhilash Vijayan

Late 18th century. Southern part of Indian peninsula is divided into small countries fighting with each other. Two boys are trained in martial art for a suicidal mission to avenge their country by killing the enemy king in an open challenge. Things change when one of them starts asking questions.

26 min
09:40 - 10:00

Padmini My Love Munmun Dhalaria, Ruchi Sawardekar, Sriram Mohan, Silja Wurgler (TISS)

'Padmini My Love' emerges from a recently issued government order in Mumbai, which reduced the age limit of the iconic black-and-yellow Padmini taxis to a maximum of 20 years. What this means is that, in a few years from now, the charming-yet-robust Padmini taxi will have vanished from the streets of Mumbai, taking away with it the livelihoods of many who depend on it for their day-to-day survival. The film explores the various ways in which the government-imposed age limit affects the livelihoods of the taxi drivers on the one hand, and shatters a peripheral economy around the taxi, on the other. The four protagonists of the film - Ravindranath, Tareef, Ansari and AL Quadros - talk about issues of migrant labour, the status of taxi drivers and the importance of taxis in the city of Mumbai, through their own personal narratives, thereby offering a ringside view of the changing city and its invisible workers.

20:00 min
10:01 - 10:17 PosterAhsif Khan (Bangladesh)

An ordinary man, Amzad believes that the government is doing everything for its people until the day he falls in the trap. He learns about the drawbacks of capitalism as he loses his job.

15:30 min
10:18 - 10:37

Sparsham Anish Cherian (NID)

Film is an adoption of a book based on certain memorable episodes of an oncologist's professional life. Sumi, an 8 year old girl dreams of joining a famed centre for performing arts to learn music. As an act of fate she is diagonised with leukemia. In the hospital an inseparable bond between the girl and her oncologist is formed.

18:30 Min
10:38 - 10:50

MuzirisDeepak MM (Neo)

The film depicts the ancient trade town in Kerala named Muziris which was rediscovered by excavators.

12:10 Min
10:51 - 10:57

Shadows Behind the Light Aiswarya Raj

The Film revolves around Child Labour and the story ends when a street boy gets saved and enters the world of education.

06:00 Min
10:58 - 11:03

Nimisham (the Moment)Lijo Puthankulam (Amrita)

The story portrays the life of a father and daughter, and the problems faced by them because of diabetes. It reveals the helplessness of the father to protect his daughter from various issues in their life. And the daughter being a helping hand for him.

05:00 Min
11:03 - 11:15

Tea Break

Category - International
11:15 - 11:30

Os Meninos Do Rio Javier Macipe (Portugal)

In the riverside neighbourhood of Oporto, all the children prove their courage by jumping from the stunning bridge Luis I into the Duero river. Leo has never done it before. He is different but he is getting tired of everyone thinking he is a coward.

15:00 Min
11:31 - 11:38

Miedo Carlos De Aantonio (Spain)

There´s nothing more terrifying than be afraid in your own house, in your room, in a place where you have spent great part of your life but… what are you afraid of?

07:00 Min
11:39 - 12:06

Lala Y Lola Judith Hidalgo (Spain)

The young woman Lola is caught in the downward economical spiral of Madrid. While struggling with her personal crisis of apathy, her grandma Lala has a heavy stroke. In this movie with emotion and humor, Lola and Lala try to overcome the afasie of language and crisis.

27:00 Min
12:07 - 12:23

Don Miguel Kote Camacho

Eugenio heads axe in hand to Don Miguel's pharmacy, plethoric. Don Miguel only has to sign a few documents in order that the Bank will finally lend Eugenio the money he has asked for. But instead of signing them and making Eugenio's day, Don Miguel makes him a deal.

16:00 Min
12:24- 12:39

Not Anymore A Story of Revolution by Matthew VanDyke (USA)

A short film about the Syrian struggle for freedom as experienced by a 32 year old rebel commander, Mowya, and a 24 year old female journalist, Nour, in Aleppo, Syria. The film clearly and concisely shows why Syrians are fighting for their freedom, told through the emotional words of two powerful characters whose lives have been torn apart by war.

14:30 min
12:40 -13:58

The Man who Fed His Shadow Maria Garefo (Greece)

A man intrudes into rich peoples dinner claiming that he can collect the food from their table and feed his shadow which curiously enough is a female.

18:00 Min
13:59 - 13:15

She bought it in ZarautzAitor Arregi (Spain)

Often, when Miren goes to order her coffee, someone jumps the queue. But the day she realised that a blouse had been stolen from her shop she decides to put her foot down.

16:00 Min
13:16- 13:35

Ukde – Regret Mehmet Gülkanat (Turkey)

19:00 min
13:35 - 14:10

Lunch (Bodhini Films Last 15 m)

14:10 – 14:55 Interactive Function with Film Makers - Press Audience 45 min
Category 2 Min. Mini/ Ad Films
15:00 - 15:45

Stop This Blame Game GP1 Aditi Maddali, Atul Anand, Faebitha Rahiman, Jamminlian Vualnam, Vaseem Chaydhary (TISS)


Kaanike(The Gift) Devavratha Kalkura

'Kaanike', is a short film that brings out the feelings and psyche of child who witnesses domestic violence every day. The story depicts how an innocent and helpless child surprises his dad with a gift for his act of domestic violence against his mother.


Nicotab Gokul Muthian

Don't Burn your ambition with smoke.


Urban Nirvana Gnanendra Shamaiah

"Urban Nirvana", a short experimental film which has strong message to today's generation to slow down their fast life a bit and reflect within themselves to seek happiness. This is the Director's first attempt on timelapse videography.


Call 103 GP2 Kshitij Katiyar, Priyanka Pal, Reetika Revathy Subramaniam, Vaibhav Sorte, Eleanor Almeida. (TISS)


Kadamai Vijayanand M

A Mini film about elders gifting a clean India to the next generation.


Silent AbuseMohit Velani

This film is about child sex abuse with bad touches. Some times little girls can not oppose for bad touches because of the age difference or close relationship with the abuser. In 90 per cent of the cases, the abuser or the perpetrator is usually someone the child knows and trusts, A neighbor, close relative, family friend or teacher etc. Abusing starts with bad touches so our children should know the difference between good touch and bad touch.


Sparsh Samvedana Mohit Velani

This is an Ad film for NGO - Sparsh Samvedana which works to rehabilitate poor, orphan and disabled children. With the help of a touch (sparsh) of Samvedana, they grow themselves as an artist and leave their poor activities like begging and picking waste materiels etc. They make creative things, exhibit and sell them and get some money to live better life. One can donate also for these children to give them respectful divine life.


Rhythm of Religions Mohit Velani

In India, Ganesha Visarjan and Taziya are major festivals. Hindus and Muslims - both the community uses same lake one by one to sink their gods. At the end of both the festivals; all the statues dissolve in the mud of that lake in such a way that we can see all the gods at one place at a time. Some drum players play their drums in all the festivals. They play same rhythms with same drum in all the festivals. In this manner the music, the water and the earth create strong bonds between all the religions. This film is about the unity of all the religions. Rhythm has unity and unity is humanity. We all are just one.


Final Take off Mohit Velani

his film is about an orphan pigeon baby. It was so small when I got it so I decided to take all the responsibility for its growth. I helped that baby in the process of becoming a young pigeon. When it got tough wings I made it free. At last it took off the final flight and went for its free life. We should care orphans which exist around us; no matter they are humans, animals or little birds. We are a part of them and they are a part of us.


Staring GP3 Ananya Gaur, Dinesh Mahapatra, Keduokhrietuo Sachu, Nishajyoti Sharma and Shreya(Alia) Sinha. (TISS)


Bibhu Sharma's Story Bappaditya Roy

The film talks about a poignant depiction of today's urban loneliness, where most young working adults are moving away from the family circle, leaving behind their parents, to live their later years in depression and isolation. Bibhu Sharma is one such case, who in spite of spending a significant amount of his time in the upbringing of his children, dies in isolation as his children are settled abroad. The tragic fact is, no one in his neighborhood is even aware that he has passed away.


Each one teach one Samyo Ghoshal

"Each One Teach One" is an ad film describing that the greatest purpose and motivation of gathering knowledge is the joy of sharing it.


HridayaHema Chockalingam

PWe have 6 employees who started an NGO called Hridaya Foundation who work primarily with underpriviledged children. There's now a school run by volunteers.


That Morning Abbas Davoudi (Iran)

A young man tries to get forgiveness.


Azhai B.Karthik

This short film portrays the feelings of a disabled kid who is unable to play like a normal child.


Notion of danger GP5 Ankita Bhatkhande, Ashwin Nag, Disha KR, Elisha Walia and Firdaus Soni. (TISS)


Anokhee Maaz Kazmi

Energy levels quickly rise when Anokhee who is blind, suddenly decides that she wants to take a selfie and affirm to herself that she is every bit as normal and capable as teenagers her age. The entire family happily jumps onto this bandwagon, encouraging and guiding her.


I am the Transgender Nicola D'souza

I am the Transgender is a 2-minute film where Nepali transgender politician and human rights activist Bhumika Shrestha speaks about her identities. Despite police incarcerations, threats and detentions at airports, her message to the transphobic community is one of love and hope.


Sin Palabras (No Words) Kike Arroyo (Spain)

A bathroom, a woman, an image is worth a thousand words.


GiftS Dinesh Raj

Gift is a short ad film that talks about saving lives through a simple measure.


Gopi.. A smart FoolShiv Kumar

Gopi is a character, designed to convey social messages to our society in urban concern from his physical comedy. People think that GOPI is stupid, fool, and useless. But through his stupidity he always delivers right & meaningful messages to society.

15:46 - 16:03


A Senegalese woman reaches Oviedo, to work in a house with the intention of saving money for the operation of a sick child's heart.

16:10 min
16:04 - 16:09


An ordinary day in the life of Rosario Salas, a woman who lives scared, for the behavior and treatment received from her husband.

04:20 min
16:10 - 16:30

Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain TereySania Hashmi and Mohan Kumawat

The Film is an attempt to bring into focus the sexual harassment that women in a city like Delhi face on a daily basis. It looks at sexual harassment at public places through the eyes of four women who live and work in the city. The Film questions the strange manner in which our society perceives women who step out of their homes and in doing so, tries to understand where this attitude towards women comes from and what can be done to bring a change.

17:03 min
About SCRIPT 2015

The Rotary International (RI) has always been a world wide champion of causes that affect society at large. It is therefore only natural that Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis organise a Film Festival showcasing social causes. The Festivals held in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 were grand success stories. Inspired by this success and encouraging participation from Film Makers, enthusiasts, sponsors and well wishers we now present to you SCRIPT 2015.

Script 2015 will recognize and reward short films from across the world. These short films will deal with issues that are of global relevance. Script 2015 is an annual event organized by the Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis and is in to its fifth edition.

Such a film festival is being unique in India. It will create awareness among the general public about social issues and persuade them to join cause in combating them.

Who can participate

Almost anyone who has made or intends to make a short film on a socially relevant topic can participate. There are 5 categories:

Category 1: Film Makers
Category 2: International Films
Category 3: Students (Should produce certificate from College)
Category 4: Mini/ Ad Films with social message (Up to two minutes)
Category 5: Documentaries.

There will be separate competitions and recognitions for each category. In case of inadequate number of entries in any particular category, the Organisers reserve right to cancel that Category of competition with out notice. The films received may however be showcased if considered good by the Preliminary Jury.  

Suggested Topics for Films: The short films could be based on the following issues / topics / categories or other broadly similar concerns.

  • World peace.
  • Climate change.
  • Preserve Planet Earth
  • Environment.
  • Clean water.
  • International understanding and goodwill
  • Population issues
  • Urban concerns
  • Health and Hunger.
  • Senior Citizens.
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Children at risk
  • Child mortality.
  • Education and homeless children.
  • Disabled persons
  • Mental Health/ Humour
  • Students/ Youth Issues
  • Geriatric Issues.
  • Child Abuse
  • Violence against Women


Festival -Organizers

The Rotary District 3201 has 105 Rotary Clubs and membership strength of 3700 Rotarians. The Clubs are spread over part of the southern Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The larger cities in our RI District are Cochin and Coimbatore.

Rotary is a worldwide organization of more than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders. Members of Rotary clubs, known as Rotarians, provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. There are 33,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Clubs are non political, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Community Service is an opportunity for every Rotarian to exemplify 'Service Above Self.' It is Rotary's commitment and social responsibility to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the world.

Host Club: Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis:
The Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis formed in 1989 has 57 members comprising prominent professionals and businesspersons of Cochin. The Rotary Cochin Metropolis meets every Friday.

Its members voluntarily donate to its various community service projects. Additionally all proceeds from its fund raising initiatives are fully utilized for its community service projects. These focus on upgrading community educational and medical facilities, assisting the physically disadvantaged, destitute women etc. Please read the THE CAUSE.

Jury 2015

gauthami Gautami Tadimalla

Gautami Tadimalla is the Head of the Jury. Known to audiences simply as Gautami, she is an actor, producer and costume designer. Having worked in over 120 films in five languages, Gautami has donned several hats in the course of her career. Introduced as heroine in the superhit film, "Guru Sishyan", she went on to work with all of the leading stars and technicians in all the major filmmaking industries in India.

As producer of the talk show, "Anbudan", on a leading Tamil channel, Gautami has gained invaluable experience in a critical area of the Media & Entertainment Industry and in her latest avatar of costume designer, she has had the opportunity to work in several extremely challenging and fulfilling films and discover another facet of her work and skills.

Her extensive work and the versatility of the projects that she has been a part of, have consistently and constantly encouraged her passion and focus to broaden her horizons and inspire her to dream further.

Gautami has been driven by a strong sense of personal commitment to add her voice wherever possible to further various social causes. Those that she has been actively involved with are cancer awareness and health and education of children and women.
George Mangalath Thomas George Mangalath Thomas

George Mangalath Thomas is a film director and producer, scriptwriter and advertising professional. He first came to prominence with his commercials for Gwalior Suiting, featuring Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore. Several hundred commercials and corporate films later, George Mangalath Thomas today works with premier brands in India, USA, the UK and Europe.

A defining achievement was the documentary Legacy of the Mahatma. With principal photography in three continents, the film examined the relevance of the teachings and beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi in the modern world, using interviews with luminaries such as the Dalai Lama. Legacy of the Mahatma had its premiere at the world's largest conference on non-violence at Bethlehem, Palestine in December 2005.

George has won the Asia-Pacific Award for his films on AIDS. He has won IDPA Gold for a corporate film – four times. George is one of only three directors in the world to make the prestigious Filminute shortlist. Rated as the largest film festival in the world, Filminute receives over 2000 entries annually from across the globe, of which only 25 films make the selection.

George Mangalath Thomas has served two consecutive terms as General Secretary of the Indian Documentary Producers Association, the country's oldest and most prestigious film body.

Currently at work on his first feature, Shades of Silence, George Mangalath Thomas is also engaged in the creation of several short films.
Jose Dominic Jose Dominic

Jose Dominic heads CGH Earth, earlier known as the Casino Group of Hotels, a group that has adopted and strongly implemented core values of environment sensitivity, local community inclusion and adaption of the local cultural ethos. In recognition of his efforts, Jose Dominic has been given a Special Commendation Award by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Management Leadership Award from the Kerala Management Association, Aatithya Rathna award form Hoteliers Investment Forum and a Commendation from Manappuram Finance for "Business Excellence Leading to Development of Society at Large".

The group has also received the prestigious Green Globe Award from World Travel Mart and several awards from Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) for its achievements in environment conservation.

Jose Dominic has served on several National and State advisory panels on tourism of the Government and industry bodies. Some of these include National Tourism Advisory Council of the Government of India and the Government of Kerala, Tourism Think Tank of Government of India, Member – Expert Panel on Tourism of ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, and CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) etc. He has been invited to speak at major conferences and seminars on Tourism including Conference on Tourism Taxation organized by World Tourism Organization, Colloquium of Conservation and Heritage Tourism organized by the British Council. He has also presented papers on Sustainable Tourism at the Annual Convention of the Indian Association of Tour Operators. In ITB 2011, he was invited as a speaker for a panel discussion on "Luxury and Environmental Sustainability: Friends or Foes?"

Jose Dominic is the Founder President of Kerala Travel Mart and founder member of the Eco Tourism Society of India. He has been closely associated with the conservation movement and serves as the Co-convener of INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).He was the past President of TiE – Kerala Chapter, was the President of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce and was the past Chairman of CII, Kerala region.

Jose Dominic is presently member of the WTM Responsible Tourism Advisory Panel, member of National Tourism Advisory Council - Government of India and member of Kerala State Tourism Advisory Panel. Mr Dominic, a Chartered Accountant by qualification, joined his father's business in 1978.

Jose Dominic
Managing Director
CGH Earth
Casino Hotel, Willingdon Island,
Kochi – 682 003, Kerala, INDIA
Tel.: +91 484 2668221, 2666821, Fax: +91 484 2668001
Mobile: 09847063754 Email:
Peter Griffin Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a journalist and writer, who currently works with Forbes India, a business magazine. He has been an advertising creative director, radio host, literary curator and a number of other things, some of them financially viable. He lives in New Bombay and works in Mumbai, and is working on not looking too surprised at being invited to be on a film jury.

He has changed careers several times: prior to this, he has sold advertising space, wrote ads for ten years, then wrote columns, freelance travel stories and other features, produced websites, consulted on communication, assisted NGOs, compered live shows, did some voice-overs, was a part-time RJ and once hosted a TV show. He co-founded and moderates the writers' forum, Caferati, and is joint editor of its imprint, Caferati Creative. For the last five years, he has co-curated the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival's literature section. He also hosts the annual God awful Poetry Fortnight online. He co-founded the South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami blog, and a number of successors, including Mumbai Help, all of which eventually became the World Wide Help group, an informal collective of volunteers for online disaster relief.
Sanjeev Sivan Sanjeev Sivan - Film-maker, Director, Storyteller

Born and brought up in an environment where film reels substituted for skipping ropes and camera tripods for cricket bats, Sanjeev quite literally has filmmaking in his blood.

Being the youngest of the family of filmmakers that includes his father Sivan - an acclaimed Director, Producer & Cinematographer and master craftsmen elder brothers Sangeeth Sivan - Director and (Padmasri) Santosh Sivan – an ace Cinematographer and Director, it was quite natural to get the spark of creativity and his burning desire immersed him into the world of films from very tender age.

Sanjeev's love for films as a child, acquainted him with different departments of film making to even being part of menial jobs of production thus having hands on and thorough experience in every aspect of filmmaking.

By the time he reached college, he was actively pursuing a film career as Executive Producer working on projects that were made under the family banner directed by his father and brothers. These films from their stable not only won numerous international, national and state awards but also were enormously successful at box office leaving a lasting impression in the heart of the audience.

However, he believed his strong sense of narration and unique flair for story telling has to be backed up with a formal degree, which he took from the very prestigious New York University.

A creative person with a distinct style of working Sanjeev passionately believed in the potential of films and televisions to transform lives and build stronger society. Sanjeev meticulously started directing features, documentaries and docu-features choosing social issues which haunts him and those plaguing the society as the subject of his documentary films; namely child trafficking, gender discrimination, dowry, exploitation, theft in train, piracy and lots more to create awareness and fought for these causes and contributed towards betterment of society through the medium of films.

His latest feature film "Venalodungathe" (Endless Summer) is based on his documentary "AFTER LIFE" which is also on a social issue of surrogacy portrayed by Seema Biswas. The emotional rendition of the subject moved the audience which fetched him the "Best Film" Ammonite Award at the 6th Hidden Gems Film Festival-2014, Calgary, Canada.

His documentary "UNDERGROUND INFERNO" for National Geographic Channel on coal mine fires of Asia was awarded "The Best Environmental film" at Ecofilms Rodos International films & Visual Arts Festival, Greece and at the International Film Festival of India, Goa 2010.

Sanjeev's malayalam feature film, "APARICHITHAN- THE STRANGER" starring superstar Mammootty, was made on a budget of less than Rs.1.25 crores. It changed the face of the Kerala film industry with its never-seen-before technique and craft. From the beginning of his filmmaking career he has been showered with praises and accolades that have inspired him to achieve even greater heights. He was also the jury member of the Indian Documentary Producers Association (IDPA) Film Awards and served as a jury member for the 57th National Film Awards. His films portrays human side of social issues engaging the audience emotionally to the subject, hence his films are widely cherished both domestically and abroad winning rave reviews from critics and audience alike. For Sanjeev, making films is a natural extension of his self – an expression of the experiences he has accumulated over the years through his inhibition-free interaction with people. That's the reason why his films are always about emotions – intense stories of people who are stuck in a queer twist of fate and are striving to break out of those shackles. Sanjeev believes nothing could be more important than aesthetic portrayal of this human struggle to break free this urge to retain ones integrity in the face of greatest of adversaries… a helplessness that emerges sometimes from within the protagonist and sometimes from outside. That's the spirit and the soul of Sanjeev's work. And that's his 'difference' as a storyteller.



The Cause

The Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis has for over a decade focused its Community Service activities on its adopted Government Primary Schools at Ponnurunni in Cochin and Puthoota near Cochin. These activities included:
  • Midday meal programmes and nutritional supplements.
  • School uniforms, footwear, school bags etc.
  • Annual pediatric medical camps and dental checkups with free medical assistance.
  • Infrastructural upgradation like bathroom facilities, computers, play equipment, furniture etc.

Ex Minister Mr Sharma
Salim, Community Service Director handing over cheque for Rs 12 Lakhs to Minister Mr Sharma for Education Project at Kothad Village.
Other community service projects taken up include assistance to the Government District Hospital Ernakulam, most noteworthy of which is the identification of beneficiaries, fitting camps and subsequent free distribution of orthotic and prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs and other aids.

Our most ambitious project is the ongoing adoption of an entire village with 7000 residents: Kothad on the outskirts of Cochin. Due to its geography and relative isolation from the city, its population has a majority of low income, daily wage earners, with poor access to infrastructural, drinking water and sanitary facilities.

We made a modest beginning with an undertaking to provide afternoon meals at an existing "Pakalveedu" a daycare center for senior citizens of the locality. The more ambitious projects lined up include implementation of Waste Management, Women Empowerment, Youth Development and Educational Sponsorship programmes.

Degradable Waste - Portable Biogas Plants
In the programme a total of 100 beneficiaries will be identified in the target area for the installation of biogas plants in their houses.

Educational Sponsorship Programme
Educational Sponsorship has commenced for 50 underprivileged children studying in classes 4, 5 & 6. This sustained sponsorship will continue till the students finish their 12th class, i.e. for almost 8 years. Our support is broad based and includes Educational kits, Medical assistance, Community teaching, House visits, Counseling support and School visits programme through committed volunteers.

RAJAGIRI outREACH, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences has offered their organizational expertise and trained volunteers for the execution of the project. Together we are trying to identify suitable, profitable business models for selected women and employment training for selected youth from Kothad. The Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis is committed to generating sufficient funds through fundraiser activities, to make this programme possible and to widen its reach in the years to come.

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